Friday, December 26, 2008

Swimming with Dolphins

Today, for the third time, our dive boat came across a pod of dolphins on the way to our first dive site. We had the opportunity to get in the water with them and Tanya took a few pictures, including the one above. Very cool.


Christopher said...

Yes, très cool. I'm take it you found swimming with the dolphins made for a merrier Xmas than shovelling? How close up could you get to the them? They are definitely a lot more photogenic than the groupers which only have their size going for them.

Pat Morin said...

Swimming would be too strong a word for what we were doing. We were being dragged alongside the boat, holding onto a net as the boat sped along. The dolphins come close, but always out of arms reach.

The dolphins aren't interested in swimming with humans, but they do like to race with boats. They have no trouble keeping up with our dive boat that's being pushed along by twin 140 horsepower outboards.

Christopher said...

Even better. A mix of swimming with dolphins with a need for speed and a conservation of energy for diving later. Too bad they didn't follow you all the way to the dive site.